Solid printing qdunique printer scam

Not resolved

In October 2012, visiting the Canton Fair,

I found this 3D printer supplier:< />

Qingdao Unique Products Develop co.,ltd

Address : No.23, SiLiu North Road, High-Tech Industrial

Zone, Qingdao, China

Tel : 86-532-80682166 ext. 862

Fax : 86-532-80682170

The samples printed there were good,

the sales rep called Sera was friendly

to provide all technical quesions

so I decided to buy the 3d printer.

It promptly arrived in good condition to my country.

However, after testing it by printing simple logos in

pens, mugs, papers. I notice the quality was not as good

as the samples shown in the Canton Fair booth printer.

They told me to simply clean the injectors to solve it.

But after cleaning them, the problem was not solved.

I´ve been trying to identify why it does not work properly

and complaining to my sales rep (Sera at without any clear answer beyond this: "It is an ink clog, so try cleaning the injectors".

Since the 3d printer DOES NOT work as they promote in their website and they dont accept me to return the machine to get my money back, it is clear that this company is a SCAM cheating their customers.

All the good karma phrases in their website mission and

vision about quality, innovation and service are empty


If useful, their website is registered under:

Wang Hong

Phone Number : 86-532-84815298

Fax : 86-532-84815298

Be careful not to trust this company under this websites:

The only reason to write this complain is for other

entrepreneurs looking for innovative inkjet 3d printers to

double check the quality of the supplier before deciding

their machine purchase investment, so it wont happen this

costly mistake.

If you need further details let me know.



I also bought one and had nothing but trouble with it and their service is appalling. Does not print even remotely decent quality of images on to any surface.



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